Ian T- 

Ian is founder Member of the club.

1st experience of a motorbike was around age 8 a family friend had 3 bikes in his garage, not sure what they were, but there must have been at least one 2 stroke in there as all I can remember was the hypnotising smell of burnt oil and 4 star petrol, Ive been pretty much addicted to the smell ever since really. 
As I got older around aged 10 I always remember me my mum and my brother on a family day out to the coast (Scarborough I think)? We were on the beach having a picnic when I glanced to my left and there were around 20 hairy arsed greasers steaming towards us swinging bat's and chains, and I looked to my right and there running towards us were about the same amount of mods in fishtales, they were literally kicking the living shit out of eachother around us eating our bannana sandwiches, although I was terrified and screaming the strangest thing was it was awesome and I wanted to be part of it. 
At the age of 16 I got my 1st bike a Honda c50, it was awesome, to be free on the road.. Free to go and do whatever I wanted. 
I took my full bike test and started on the bigger bikes and a suzuki gs 250 got me on my way, I then got a kawasaki gpz 750 and then onto the cruisers and a yamaha xvs 650, today I ride a yamaha xvs1300. 

Favourite bike yamaha xvs650 
Favourite music classic rock 50s/60s & 80s
Favourite food sour cream pringles 
Favourite hobbies, motorcycle Rallys and family time
Favourite drink jack Daniels 

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