Mark P

 Mark has been biking since 1982. First bought an AP50 at the age of 16 with the intention of riding for a year then taking his car test,
didn’t take his car test till he was in his 20’s – the bug had bit and he’s been riding ever since !
Name Mark P (Mohawk)

Bike Suzuki. GSF1250 Bandit

Fav Bike. My old1200 Bandit

Fav Music. Old School punk, Psychobilly and Rock

Fav Hol's.  Love doing the Rallies. Would love to take a few weeks out and tour Scandinavia/New Zealand but that may require a lottery win!

Fav Drinks. Real Ales. Blondes and Pales.

First biking Experince. Wheelying my AP50 down the road and thru a hedge!!
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